About Festival For Life

When members of the Colorado community first gathered together thirty-five years ago to create a living memorial to friends and family lost to AIDS-related complications, no one could have anticipated that decades later this act of solidarity would grow into a yearly event, first as AIDS Walk Colorado and now as the Festival For Life. Thousands of people from across Colorado who are living with or at risk of acquiring HIV count on the funds raised through Festival For Life for access to critical supportive services such as medical and oral health care, nutrition and housing support, testing and preventive care, and so much more.

Walkers from Telluride AIDS Benefit complete their 5K at the 2019 Festival

Since those early days, the world of HIV prevention and treatment has evolved considerably – and so too has the Festival For Life. What began as a communal act of grief and memorial for those lost to AIDS-related complications has grown into a celebration of the resiliency and strength of all who are impacted by and living with HIV today, along with a renewed demand for improved prevention and treatment strategies.

About Colorado Health Network

Colorado Health Network (CHN) is a statewide organization serving over 5,000 individuals annually who are living with HIV, as well as reaching over 12,000 individuals at risk of acquiring HIV through prevention and education programs. Direct services are provided via offices located in Colorado Springs, Denver, Fort Collins, Grand Junction, Greeley, and Pueblo.

CHN services include medical and oral health care, behavioral health counseling, insurance, housing and transportation assistance, case management, and nutrition services. CHN also provides HIV, Hepatitis C, and STI testing as well as specific education and prevention programs. Each support maintains CHN’s vision to meet the evolving needs of individuals living with and at risk for HIV with the ultimate goal of empowering clients to make healthier choices, increase their stability, and access the care they need to live enhanced, healthier lives.

By joining us at FFL, you have the power to impact thousands of lives!

How do Festival For Life funds help the HIV community?

Funds raised from FFL go to CHN and other HIV organizations throughout Colorado. Here are just some of the ways your donations make an impact at CHN:

  • $25 provides 10 high-quality, nutritious meals in the Food Bank.
  • $50 covers a client for 1 month of transportation costs to access medical and counseling appointments.
  • $100 makes it possible to provide 1,000 new, sterile syringes through the Access Point program.
  • $250 covers the cost of 20 HIV tests through HeyDenver or the CHN offices.
  • $500 provides 24 counseling sessions to someone struggling with a new HIV diagnosis.
  • $750 makes it possible to connect 20 individuals with medical insurance.
  • $1,000 provides 5 clients with an emergency dental visit with limited treatment.

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