Healthy Aging with HIV

Over 55% of all CHN clients receiving supportive services are aged 50 years and older. The advent of effective antiretroviral therapy has led to dramatic improvements for life expectancy for Persons Living with HIV (PLWH). While effective treatments have drastically improved the quantity of life for PLWH, aging with HIV is associated with significant challenges that impact quality of life. To address these challenges, the Healthy Aging Program at CHN prioritizes supportive services that are tailored to the unique needs of older clients. In addition, we conduct research to advance the development of new and innovative programs. Through research, education, and advocacy, the Healthy Aging program fosters the open exchange and dissemination of information from scientific communities to CHN and to older clients living with HIV.


A pilot program aimed at improving the physical and mental outcomes of older adults (aged 50 years and older) living with HIV, in the Denver Metro Area. The three components of the program include:

* Physical Activity: To support and engage you in regular physical activity.
* Nutritional Counseling: To support nutritional health.
* Social Support: To address the need for social engagement and support.


CHN Care Calls is a telephone reassurance program developed by the Colorado Health Network in April 2020. It was launched as an outreach program to support CHN clients most impacted by social isolation due to COVID-19, including clients over 50, who typically live alone, are homebound, and/or have little or no caregiver support. Clients benefit from this program through one-on-one communication with another caring individual.

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Learn more about HIV and Aging in the United States

Visit the US Department of Health and Human Services site to learn more about the impacts of HIV among older adults.

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