Testing – HIV, HCV, & STI

Getting yourself tested can be a very big experience for some and we completely understand that. Our highly trained staff is committed to making your HIV, HCV, and STI testing experience fast and easy! Everyone aged 13-64 should be tested for HIV at least once, and if you are sexually active or share syringes or other injection equipment you should be tested yearly.

Our Tests

Colorado Health Network uses third generation rapid tests. This means test are quick and easy. You will have your results before you leave.

HIV & STI Testing

Getting testing for HIV, HCV, and STIs is one of the most important things you can do to protect your health. HIV, Hepatitis C (HCV), and STIs usually don’t show symptoms right away, but if left undetected and untreated, they can lead to serious health conditions.

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Testing Locations & Hours

Denver – Northern – Southern – Western Colorado Locations

Denver (Hey Denver)

Testing by Appointment – (303) 962-2880

Fort Collins

Testing by Appointment – Tuesday & Thursday – (970)484-4469


Testing by Appointment – Tuesday & Thursday – (970) 484-4469

Grand Junction

Testing by Appointment – Monday, Tuesday, Friday – (970) 243-2437


Testing by Appointment – Wednesdays (Please call or ask to speak to Lizzy during Access Point to schedule) – (719) 621-1105

Colorado Springs

Testing by Appointment – Bi-Weekly (Please call) Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday – (719) 578-9092

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All CHN locations are now open 5 days a week!